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Möss kan skydda katter mot diabetes

2012-08-29 15:49 #0 av: Sarah-S

Precis som människor kan katter drabbas av diabetes. Störst risk löper de som är överviktiga. Men sjukdomen går att behandla. Framför allt bör man se över kattens matvanor. Bäst är att utgå från ursprungsdieten – möss.

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I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand

2012-08-29 16:02 #1 av: Sarah-S


The Catkins Diet is what your cat would normally eat in their natural wild world, such as small animals like birds and mice. Most domesticated in-door felines eat foods that their pet owners dish out to them on a plate, like dry cat food. If you are a cat owner that fills your cat's dish full of dry crunchy food in the morning and you leave it there during the day while you are at work, then your kitty will leisurely pick at the dry food throughout the course of the day. If that happens then there could be a number of health related issues that can arise from giving your cat dry cat food, such as dehydration, or equally fatal like feline diabetes.

Dry cat food can lead to many such chronic diseases. The manufactures say on their packages that their dry food has 100% nutrients for your feline, which is not the case at all. The dry cat food is made up of different kinds of grains which the manufacturer says gives the cat its necessary protein, fat, minerals and vitamins to your cat. But, did you know that dry cat food is made up of carbohydrates and cats require meals of high amounts of protein and because they are carnivores they need meat. Cats require certain nutrients that can only be found in animal tissues, nutrients like taurine, arginine, and amino acids that are only found in meat.

The Catkins Diet is a high meat, protein diet and does not include anything to do with dry manufactured cat foods. Dry cat food has 40 to 70 percent carbohydrate ingredients where a cat should have no more than 10 percent carbohydrates. Cats have a difficult time digesting carbohydrates.

Cats that are on the catkins diet have a closer diet to their nature then cats not on the catkins diet. If your cat stays on a dry food diet, then as I said before, could develop feline diabetesand also could develop a disease called Fatty Liver disease where felines have a protein deficiency. Kitty's can also become dehydrated because dry cat food has 10 percent less moisture intake. Cats do not drink much water and if they are not getting all of the moisture that they would get from eating canned cat food then they could slip into dehydration.

Feeding your feline a dry cat food diet instead of the natural diet, the Catkin’s Diet, could lead you into a boat of trouble in your near future. I know it is cheaper to just lay out some kibbles into a pet dish and leave it at that, but what you are really doing is slowly causing possible fatal diseases in your cat’s future, which will cost you way more than canned cat food. Stick with the catkins diet.

I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand

2012-08-29 16:07 #2 av: Sarah-S


Your cat should be eating what it naturally eats in the wild, but since you can't go into the wild and feed your cat mice and birds, the next step would be to give your cat the proper canned foods to eat.

Everyday cats from all around the world are developing disease such as feline diabetes. Domesticated cats are not eating what nature intended. Most of the time pet owners place dry cat food down in the morning and leave it alone for the cat to leisurely eat during the course of the day. When a cat just eats and eats while their owners are off at work, they get bigger and bigger and eventually their internal organs start to get sick and they develop feline disease such as cat diabetes. If you leave dry cat food out for your cat, then it is like leaving the medicine cabinet open for your child.

You should take a good look at the ingredient label on your cat dry food box. If it has fiber and starch then there is a greater chance of future health problems for your cat. That is why an all natural diet, the Catkin's Diet is the ideal diet.

Starch and fiber in diets stimulate the formation of struvite crystals. Hence, reducing dietary carbohydrate is desirable to prevent struvite urolith formation. In addition, a net loss of body calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium during feeding of the fiber diet suggests that dietary inclusion of insoluble fiber could increase macromineral requirements of cats.

It has been known that a net loss of body calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium was detected in diets that are high in fiber and starch.

Stay away from Dry Food please!


The Catkin's Diet does not have anything to do with Dry Food. The Catkin's Diet is a diet consisting of High Protein and Low Carbohydrates that you can find in canned cat food. The idea diet for cats, which are carnivores is a diet that they would get in the wild, like mice and birds. But, since your cat is most likely an indoor cat then either you make a raw food meal for your cat and add the necessary vitamins and nutrients, or stick with canned cat food.

The ideal canned cat food should have less then 10 percent carbohydrates. A lot of canned cat food has greater then 10 percent carbs, but there are many that will be good for you to purchase.

Commercial dry food is bad for your diabetic cat, and normal cat. Dry cat food contains 30 to 70 percent carbohydrates. When the manufacturer creates dry cat food, it ads form and structure to the food.

There are more and more studies coming out that say that a diet that has low carbohydrate and high protein diets create a better chance for your diabetic cat to go into remission.

When switching to a low Carbohydrate diet you should take it slow and as you do so make sure to check your cat's glucose levels and insulin when needed. You will most likely have to regulate the amounts of insulin as the Catkin's Diet starts to work.

A sudden switch to low carbohydrate high protein diet could induce hypoglycemia. If your cat encounters any of the symptoms of hypoglycemia then take him to the veterinarian immediately.


I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand

2012-08-30 09:47 #3 av: [Yrsa-H]

jag önska jag kunde läsa den.

snälla sara översätt denna artikel så vi som inte kan engelska kan ta det till oss


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